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Dog advocacy discussion devolves into racism

Dog breeds divide up animals of the same species just as race divide up humans, but sometimes dogs advocates show their racism.

Several years ago, I made a phone call to report a certain purebred dog in a local shelter as part of my breed rescue duties for collie rescue. Basically, there were few collies to be found, but when I saw other purebreds I reported them to the representatives of other breed rescue organizations. The person who answered the phone had never met me, but, as a breeder, she revealed that she never adopted her puppies out to “Orientals” who were only slightly better than “blacks.” The disgusting discussion didn’t go further because she had another call coming in.

Recently as I was reading about the dog that was raped in San Pedro, I read this comment in the Los Angeles Times:

  • Maria Basura at 6:49 PM November 19, 2013
  • Why am I not surprised a Mexican is involved?

In the CBS Baltimore coverage of a dogfighting ring bust, several comments specifically targeted the race of the suspects.

  • John
  • • 5 hours ago
  •     −
  • Typical African American city trash. Nothing better to do but collect welfare make crack babies smoke weed drink 40’s and fight dogs from a section 8 house. My hard earned tax dollars at work.

A few people note that race and dogfighting aren’t particularly connected.

  • ScumPop 123tl78
  • • a day ago
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  • safe to say the majority of people who breed for fighting and give dogs a bad name in the USA are black…people like Keland wlll always make excuses to why every black run city is a sh**hole (just facts)..of course they dont care about dogs when they shoot each other dead every day.hopefully some of the dogs get rescued and the perps end up dead or unable to reproduce, save us the money..poor dogs…WE NEED TOUGHER LAWS FOR DOG FIGHTING

Keland is the commenter who asks for sources. However, Keland isn’t the only commentator who takes on the racists.

  • Fuk Owe’malley
  • • 11 hours ago
  • Keland, et al… Name ONE community, town, city, state or nation which has improved since the population of blacks has increased. No response? That is because there is no such place! It is a simple, unfortunate fact that anywhere in the county that has a growing black population the quality of life decreases.

Obama somehow is connected to this all in a weird way.

  • wreakinbind
  • • 11 hours ago
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  • Let me guess. Another of Obama’s sons has taken his pit bull to the ring in order to earn some cash. Treyshawn was arrested last night for dog fighting.. It’s always a…………….


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