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New Year’s Eve: Last chance tax deductible donations

Although Chinese astrology tells us that 2014 was the Year of the Horse, for Collie Rescues in the Southwest it has been the Year of the Smooth collie and a challenging time for collie lovers everywhere.

Three cases legal cases took our attention. Lad, a dog that was shot with a gun and had its lower jaw blown away in Kentucky and ultimately died during reconstructive surgery in California. A con-man, Nicholas Patterson, took in champion level dogs and left them to starve in Alabama after fleeing Florida while under investigation for embezzling. Then there was the bankruptcy hearing that forced Elaine Kmiec of Tomball, Texas  to relinquish her dogs. She said she had 30. In truth it was 90 and steadily increasing due to free breeding. About 140 dogs were associated with this bankruptcy case and ended up under the care of Houston Collie Rescue. That’s a lot of dogs to adopt out and Southwest Collies Rescue, Southland Collie Rescue, NorCal Collie Rescue, Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue and Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois all made the trip to Houston to take in dogs back to their home states.

Southland Collie Rescue flew a very ill dog in from South Korea, ShinBi, unaware of just why he was so terribly thin. We raised about $6000 to bring him over and then to provide medical care. We estimate he will cost SCR about $400 a month for his diabetes care alone and when he is stabilized, we are considering giving him eye surgery for the cataracts he formed due to diabetes.

SCR also was committed to a collie mix with cancer (Bella).

Still, when the news spread about Tomball, a California Collie Caravan traveled to Houston and picked up four dogs.

NorCal Collie Rescue also made the journey and picked up three dogs:  Lucy/Penny #42, Mercy/Dottie #40 and Barkley/Bentley #114.

The numbers were the given as they were pulled from the house.  Barkley came from the second round that was pulled from the home of Kmiec’s father.

Lucy has been officially adopted.  Mercy and Barkley both have just gone to homes for trial adoptions.  Besides being underweight, none of these dogs had medical issues.  They did all has significant fear issues that are being worked on.

Things have been rocky for Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue. Earlier in the year, they had a sheltie named Fiona who had to have emergency surgery but the GoFundMe campaign raised $710 of $1900. RMCSR still had room to take in 16 dogs–10 with one pregnant bitch that gave birth to eight pups, two of which died.

Dallas was one of the smooth collies that made the journey from Houston to Colorado. He was being taken on a walk when he was hit by a truck that didn’t stop to provide information. As a result, his medical bills are expected to be over $6000. The GoFundMe campaign had brought in half of that amount: $3050.

Southwest Collie Rescue in Santa Fe, New Mexico had a sudden influx of dog. Summer has brought a storm of collie emergencies to the Southwest and left the coffers of Southwest Collie Rescue dry.

First a collie boy was found on an empty stretch of an interstate freeway in southeastern Arizona. Rescuers took him to the Wilcox Humane Shelter. He slept for two days and barely moved. His name is now Will and Will has a great will to live. When he came into the shelter, he had a large growth on his chest. He had a skin infection and ticks. Lots of ticks. Thistles were wrapped around his testicles and there was a thin piece of wire.

In another part of the southwest–Carlsbad, New Mexico, four smooth collies were picked up: Sierra, Murdock, Diamond and Dixie. Three of them are youngsters–only nine months old and litter mates. Dixie is older (5). They had ticks and serious diarrhea.

SWCR is already has two special needs dogs: Danny Boy who is blind and a permanent foster dog Hershey who has Gray Collie Syndrome (Canine Cyclic Neutropenia).

Yet SWCR still made space for Tomball collies as did Greater Illinois Collie Rescue.

Greater Illinois Collie Rescue took in eight Tomball collies. Four have already been adopted. Two are still undergoing treatment for heartworms. Two are on training hold because they are too under socialized and shy to be considered adoptable at this time.

Consider making an end of the year tax-deductible donation to any one of these worthy rescues:

If you can’t give, then please share this article with your dog-loving friends and have a happy and safe new year.

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Collie in New Mexico needs cancer surgery

Shasta was once part of someone’s financial plan. She was used by a breeder to produce puppies, but when she was no longer useful and needed medical attention, she was discarded and left to die in the desert near El Paso, Texas.

Shasta was not only thin, but she was found with a four-pound cancerous mammary tumor. This poor dog has covered with ticks and fleas and had cancer. Southwest Collie Rescue took her in, had her spayed, paid for some dental work (extractions) and a good teeth cleaning as well as cancer surgery.

At about five or six, Shasta should have a few more good years, especially now that she’s in a foster home in Alamogordo, New Mexico, but she needs more cancer treatment. She has a mammary tumor in her groin area and a tumor along that glandular chain. The vet might have to remove the entire mammary chain of glands to minimize the threat of cancer recurring. Lee More estimates that the surgery would cost between $500 to $1000.

Southwest Collie Rescue recently took in several collies from the Tomball, TX bankruptcy case. SWCR also has a dog recovering from hip surgery (Bridget) and permanent foster case Hershey who has Gray Collie Syndrome (Canine Cyclic Neutropenia).

Consider a donation through Paypal or snail mail to help SWCR care for this girl and give her a second chance. Donations can be sent directly to:

Southwest Collie Rescue
52 Estrada Calabasa
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506

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Buy Your Gifts from Collie Rescues

What better way to be generous than by giving twice: Once to a non-profit that benefits collies and then gifting that item to a friend.

Linda Kratz ornament for Southland Collie Rescue for $14.95. Give twice by buying gifts from collie rescue organizations nationwide.

This has been quite a year for collie rescues. First there was that Alabama case of the Collie Con-man. Then there was the culmination of years of rescue work when a judge made a ruling in a bankruptcy case that gave custody of over 100 dogs to Houston Collie Rescue. Other rescues took in a few dogs, and many more donated money.

That’s quite a financial burden for collie lovers in the United States.

Locally, Southland Collie Rescue not only took in four dogs from Houston, but its first international adoption (from South Korea) turned out to be a special needs dog: ShinBi.

Many of the so-called Tomball collies also need special care so please consider giving to these worthy rescues. Southwest Collie Rescue already had a few high maintenance dogs in rescue (e.g. Hershey) and hopes to have an eBay store up soon.

From Southland Collie Rescue, you can buy a Linda Kratz ornament for $14.95. You can also go to the SCR Cafe Press webpage and buy a calendar ($27.99), mug ($16.99) or ornament ($8.50).

NorCal Collie Rescue has six different calendars to choose from for $29.99.

Houston Collie Rescue has only a few calendars left for $24. Or you can find items at Big Pile of Dog Shirts and by choosing Houston Collie Rescue, HCR will receive 10 percent.

Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois has a calendar for $15.

Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue has calendars that cost $18 or one and $17 for 2 to 6.

Rocky Mountain Sheltie and Collie Rescue has T-shirts for $20.

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