The Arrow Fund: Making Money Off of Tragedy

Although I had requested this tax form, the Arrow Fund refused to provide it for me. Another private person got it and posted it on Facebook. Here is the post. 

In the world of rescue, I think it is wrong to exploit animals for financial gain, you are not only exploiting the animal but the human emotions as well, which turns in to big money. It is not wrong for rescues to ask for donations, but when it as at the expense of some poor animal it becomes very ugly. 13394200_10209839633897668_7302175115218373484_n

I believe such was the case of Lad the collie, shot in the face with a shotgun and left for dead in February 2014. He was picked up by The Arrow Fund, and little did they know how collie lovers are huge supporters of their breed. Well their page went from 9 thousand likes to over 20 thousands likes in a short period of time. The donation dollars started to pour in. Now, all of the collie lovers who were blinded by the love for this beautiful boy, did not see what was really going on.

The Arrow fund publicly trashed collie lovers and called us selfish and egotistical, all the while taking their money. Now, as many have forgotten, The Arrow Fund, Rebecca Eaves in particular told us in no uncertain terms, we were to take our prayer page down, as she owns Lad. We did not ask for donations and we even had their link on our page. She wanted no one to post anything about Lad as to steal her glory. We did not take down our page and it thrives, 2 years later.

Now, we knew donations were very high and we had asked them to disclose financials so we knew when to stop sending money. They refused to disclose financials and even sent a reporter a cease and desist letter to stop inquiring about the financials. One of the board members of The Arrow Fund also served as a board member on HSUS. A coincidence, I think not.

The Arrow Fund is partners with Blue Pearl and in their infinite wisdom, hacked off what was left of Lad’s jaw, without further consultation from anyone. A grave mistake in many people’s eyes. Was Lad suffering in their care, I think so, he should have humanely been let go before they paraded him to the public, resulting in thousands upon thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, refusing to disclose how much they were taking in, knowing he was their money maker. It was one poor medical decision after another, that I believe led to Lad’s death. In a period of 4 months, after repeated postings of Lad having a bone infection, they flew him to UC Davies for a very risky jaw replacement surgery. This surgery was experimental at best. They kept him in isolation for the entire time he was there addressing the bone infection. Then 2 days after his death, they decided to post he suffered from blood clots after surgery and did not make it. They were extremely secretive with everything that was going on with Lad and I believe when people donate thousands upon thousands of dollars, some transparency is a must. Actually transparency should always be first and foremost.

In my opinion The Arrow Fund, found out they had a cash cow and milked it not only during his life, but after his death. I have attached their financials, that they tried so hard to hide, but it is public record.
I will never forgive them for exploiting Lad, and their deceptive rescue practices.

I would like to think they are the only rescue that does this, but we all know it happens often.

Another person was also threatened. 

May Pixie I remember this well. Threatening our prayer page and demanding we remove it. Calling us names and claiming we were a scam page trying to siphon off their donations! Then they even contacted the editor of The Examiner and suddenlyJana J. Monji had to remove her articles about Lad or risk possible punishment. The entire Lad ordeal was very sad and I actually demanded my donation returned after their threats. The Arrow Fund is NOT a rescue that puts animal welfare first. Profit is their main goal.

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